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Stars of the White Nights International Festival

Festival will be held on May 26 till July 23, 2017 at Mariinsky Theater.

Stars of the White Nights festival is the largest international music forum in Russia, inspired by the outstanding musician of modern times Valery Gergiev.

Famous directors, conductors, dancers, and performers of classical music will gather in St. Petersburg. 200 unforgettable events with participation of the stars, world premieres, night concerts, creative meetings await the guests.

International Sand Sculpture Festival

Sand Sculptures International Festival lasts from May 1 till September 30, 2017 at Peter and Paul Fortress (Zayachy Island, St. Petersburg).

Various sculptural compositions will be placed on the beach of the Peter and Paul Fortress from Naryshkin to the Trubetskoi Bastion.

Right on the spot sculptors from Belgium, Germany, Canada, China, Taiwan, France will create unique works of art which will gather vast crowds of those wishing to admire them. For children there are special workshops where you will be able to learn about the basic principles of work over sand sculptures and, together with the masters, create figures from sand.

Ticket price — 300-250 roubles.

Exhibition “Hunt Slonem”

Marble Palace

OPENED: from 26 May 2017 to 26 June 2017.

Pictures in the stylistics combining elements of pop art and a figurative expressionism are displayed on the exhibition. Hunt Slonem is one of the most remarkable representatives of American neo-expressionism. His formation as an artist was mostly completed during his education at the prestigious Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine. In 1973 he moved to Manhattan, where he currently works and lives.

His first individual exhibition opened in 1977 and since then he organizes several shows a year all over the world; his works can be found in the collections of the most prominent world museums and galleries. Among art collectors who possess Hunt Slonem’s works are Hollywood stars such as Sharon Stone, Brooke Shields, Julianne Moore. A Manhattan resident, Slonem remains a lover of exotic life since the time of his childhood and youth. The Russian Museum exhibition will present the artworks from the major cycles: butterflies, birds, flowers, rabbits, performed in the stylistics that combines features of the pop-art and figurative expressionism.

Ticket cost — 300 rubles; privilege ticket — 150 rubles.

Folklore show "Feel yourself Russian!"

Professional folk show "Feel Yourself Russian" in the Nicholas Palace gives you the opportunity to enjoy high-performance skill: at the same time the Russians feel a surge of national pride, and foreign guests admire the "mysterious Russian soul". The services we offer are interesting and Russian citizens and foreign tourists.

Feel yourself Russian show! A unique tourist attraction that allows you to feel the history and soul of Russia in one night! Presentation lasts 1 hour 50 minutes, including the interval (30 minutes). Seating capacity - 350 beds. On the front stairs of the palace you will meet an ensemble of historical and everyday dance "Reverence." Beauties in crinolines and the elegant gentleman to the accompaniment of a string quartet "Classic" will make you forget that the court of the beginning of the XXI century.

In a Programme

Russian folk songs, church songs in the academic performance , "Peters Quartet" . The repertoire of the Cossack band "Maidan" dancing Stavropol, Don, Volgograd, the Kuban Cossacks and Cossack songs of different regions.

Dances of different peoples of Russia in the ensemble "Stars of St. Petersburg" : lyrical dances of the Russian North, incendiary dances Voronezh and the Don Cossacks, subtle humor choreographic miniatures of the Urals and Siberia, and of course the delightful tricks performed by our artists.

During the break, it offered buffet table, which includes: canape with red caviar, сanapes with ham, сanapes with cheese, canape with salami, a glass of vodka, glass of wine, a glass of champagne, juices in assortment, mineral water, tea and coffee, fruit.

XIX Open Look International Contemporary Dance Festival

Kannon dance Saint Petersburg Dance House and New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre , with the support of St. Petersburg Committee for Culture present:

XIX Open Look International Contemporary Dance Festival (Saint Petersburg) will be held from June, 29 to July, 9 2017 on the New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre.


XII International Musical Collection Festival

Amid the White Nights the Academic Philharmonic named after Dmitry Shostakovich invites music lovers to the festival concerts, in which world stars of classical music, renowned soloists, and conductors will take part.

On May 21 at 20.00 the Great Hall of the Philharmonic (Mikhailovskaya ulitsa, 2) will feature the opening of the XII International Musical Collection Festival.

The Festival will start with a piano evening of Nikolai Lugansky. The program will include the Seasons and twelve characteristic pictures by Tchaikovsky; the Polonaise-Fantasy, Four Mazurkas, the Barcarol, and the Ballad No. 4 by Chopin.

Ticket price — 500-3500 roubles.

Exhibition “Matilda Kshesinskaya: Fouettes of Fate”

Museum of Political History of Russia

OPENED:15 JUNE 2017 to 01 January 2018.

An exhibition "Matilda Kshesinskaya: Fouettes of Fate" is designed to provide a full overview of the personal and creative biography of the famous ballerina of the Silver Age who left a significant footprint in Russian art.

Matilda F. Kshesinskaya is not only a synonym of Russian ballet at the turn of the 20th century, but also was a significant personality in the life of high society and culture of St.Petersburg in the last decades of the Russian Empire. Today, she is of interest to us as a one-of-a-kind phenomenon encompassing many significant events in the cultural and political history of Russia. Her affair with the future Emperor Nicholas II, and love and business relationships with the Grand Dukes Sergei Mikhailovich and Andrei Vladimirovich caused a lot of innuendo, spawning the most fantastic rumors and gossip. There are still controversial opinions not only about the personality of Matilda Kshesinskaya, but also about the sources of her huge wealth — before 1917, Kshesinskaya was one of the richest women in Russia.

This is not the first time that the Museum of Political History of Russia pays attention to Matilda Kshesinskaya. What is distinguishing about the new exhibition is that it aims to show her personal and creative life as much as possible freed from myths and secrets, and uses a large number of new archive sources, including those being exhibited for the first time. The exhibition reveals different dimensions of the multi-faceted personality of Matilda Kshesinskaya, showing her as an outstanding ballerina, socialite, mother, wife, lady and businesswoman.

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood is in the top 10 best temples in the world

The St. Petersburg Cathedral, with its unique architecture, ranked sixth in the popular service TripAdvisor.

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood is in the top 10 best temples in the world Feedbacks of the tourists on World Heritage Sites were taken into account in the preparation of the list.

The Church, which was built on the site of the assassination of Tsar Alexander II, was the only attraction in our country to rank in the top ten.

The largest number of reviews of the travelers gathered Cambodian religious building of Angkor Wat, followed by modern Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in the United Arab Emirates, built in 2007 year, and the Great Mosque of Cordoba, best known as the Mezquita. Tourists also received great impressions from St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican Cathedral of St. Peter and the Indian mausoleum Taj Mahal. A section of the Great Wall of China called Mutianyu, the high-altitude ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu, the Plaza of Spain in Seville and the Duomo Cathedral in Milan round out the top-10.

IX International Kronstadt ecological art festival “Kronfest-2017”

Annual project combining Art and Еcology.

The festival presents artistic approach to the protection of the environment and gathers the creative forces working within environmental projects.

The festival program: Symposium on the creation of art-objects from garbage, exhibitions, open air events, performances, master classes. The Museum of history of Kronstadt is base of the festival.

Some events take place at forts.

OPENED: from 01 June 2017 to 30 June 2017

Free admission.

Mariinsky Theatre

One of the biggest and most famous opera and ballet theatres in Russia and all over the world.

Mariinsky theatre of opera and ballet was opened in 1860, it became the preeminent music theatre of late 19th century Russia, where many of the stage masterpieces of Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, and Rimsky-Korsakov received their premieres. When, in 1859, the Circus Theatre was destroyed by fire, a new theatre was built on the same site, once again by Alberto Cavos. It was named the Mariinsky in honour of Empress Maria Alexandrovna, wife of Alexander II. The first theatre season in the new building opened on 2 October 1860 with A Life for the Tsar by Glinka under the baton of the Russian Opera Company’s conductor Konstantin Lyadov, father of the renowned composer Anatoly Lyadov. The name of Empress Maria Alexandrovna was immortalized not only in the name of the theatre but also in its emblem - the stage curtain by A. Golovin.

This main theater attribute was desined as the train of the Empress's dress.

Exposition "Victor Borisov-Musatov and the “Blue Rose” Society"

Saint Michael's (Engineer's) Castle

OPENED: from 02 March 2017 to 07 July 2017

In the Russian Museum are presented works of symbolist artists: V.Borisov-Musatov, P.Kuznetsov, S.Sudeikin, N.Sapunov, M. Saryan.

The art of Victor Borisov-Musatov (1870-1905), one of the leading masters of Russian symbolism, will be presented in St.Michael’s Castle in context of his activity in the artistic society “Blue Rose”, the first exhibition of which dates back to 1907, 110 years ago. The variety of symbolist articulation in the oevre of Borisov-Musatov and artists of this unique group will be presented such fully for the first time.

The exhibition will comprise the works by Borisov-Musatov himself and the ones by Pavel Kuznetsov, Nikolai Krymov, Sergei Sudeikin, Nikolai Sapunov, Martiros Saryan, Pyotr Bromirsky, Pyotr Utkin, Milioti brothers and other participants of the “Blue Rose”. Along with these prominent masters who became classics of art of the previous century, the artists less known by the wide public but of no smaller gift will be on display (I. Knabe, N.Feofilaktov, N. Ryabushinsky). The exhibition will include around 80 paintings and graphic works from the Russian museum, State Tretyakov gallery and private collections of St.Petersburg.

Ticket cost — 300 roubles – full ticket price,150 roubles – reduced price (for schoolchildren, students, persons of retirement age).

Petersburg is now nearer to tourists from Iran and Taiwan

Saint Petersburg information agencies are expanding the geography of their work. «Visit Petersburg» offices are now open in Taiwan and Iran. Foreign tourists intended to visit Petersburg can get information about Petersburg, its hotels, showplaces and the most convenient voyage routes in these offices. Petersburg is now nearer to tourists from Iran and Taiwan.

The «Visit Petersburg» office in Taipei is located in a «A» class business center in a popular tourist area. Visitors of the information agency can plan their journey to Petersburg and find information about all kinds of entertainment. For example, the FIFA World Cup that takes place in Saint Petersburg in 2018. You can also receive detailed information about visiting Petersburg in the «Nadia Parvaz» office, an Iranian tour operator. The «Visit Petersburg» office, which is located in the center of Tehran, provides potential tourists with information about the culture of Petersburg and its interesting places of educational, sport and restaurant entertainment. The staff is always ready to answer any questions and even help to create a touristic route.

Moreover, the «Tehran International Book Fair», an annual international middle eastern event, which is held from May 3 to May 13, represents literature for people who are going to visit Petersburg.

The first «Visit Petersburg» agency in Europe was opened in Paris due to the agreement signed in February 2017. The office is located in the Elysian Fields area and has already become a tourist business development platform. Any French operator can visit the visa centre in which the «Visit Petersburg» office is located to find new Russian partners in the tourist industry.

This year is going to see the opening of 10 other «Visit Petersburg» offices all over the world, including India and Spain. Before getting down to work, the staff of our foreign information offices is obliged to study at special courses to be able to provide Petersburg visitors with quality help.

Exhibition “Structures”

OPENED: from 06 April 2017 to 01 July 2017

The profound “discussion on formalism” will be carried out in the exhibition spaces of the Marble palace.

The project that includes art pieces from 1960s to present time is aimed to investigate the concept of the structure (from Latin structura ‎- a fitting together, adjustment, building). Seen as characteristics of the form it acquires pure philosophical meaning. The large-scale and profound “discussion on formalism” will be carried out in the exhibition spaces of the Marble palace.

The exhibition will underline the relevance of the art of “pure” forms and present the models and matrix of the structures that were widely used in the art of previous and present centuries and became its key motifs (grid, crystal, chain, spiral etc.)

It will comprise works from the collection of the Russian museum, Novy museum (St.Petersburg), Museum of Organic Culture (Kolomna), private collections and artist’s workshops.

Ticket cost — 450 rubles; privilege ticket — 200 rubles.


OPENED: from 20 April 2017 to 10 December 2017

Central Naval Museum

To the 100th anniversary of the Revolution of 1917 An exhibit dedicated to the politics of the leaders of the Soviet government’s relation to the country’s navy.

This exhibit will tell about how the military capabilities of the naval forces were restored after catastrophic losses during the Revolution and the Civil War.

Central Naval Museum - one of the oldest museums in Russia The whole history of the Russian fleet is reflected in the extensive collection of the museum. During the three centuries of its existence, the museum has become an integral part of the Navy, and the history of the museum - part of naval history.

Romantic Saint-Petersburg

St Petersburg is a city where a great number of important events in the history of the country have happened over three centuries: government reforms, coups, intrigues, twists and turns of ordinary people’s fates, the most important scientific discoveries and inventions Houses, gardens, cobbled streets, parks, embankments - all these keep the memory of the past centuries.

St Petersburg has won recognition from the modern travellers as well.

For instance, according to the Russian tourist portal the Northern Capital is the best city for a romantic trip, and the American magazine Travel + Leisure included the city in their top 50 of the most romantic places in the world.

Theatre Garden under the Gatchina sky

From June 17 to June 19 Saint Petersburg will see the first in Russia theatre-musical festival under the open sky.

In these days on the Silver meadow in front of the Gatchina Palace the «Wedding in Malinovka» and «Mister X» operettas will be performed to guests and residents of Petersburg. The «Operetta Park» festival revives traditions of Petersburg park plays, which existed before the Revolution 1917. In the pre-revolution times, music theatres called by people «theatre gardens» used to give their performances in the shade of urban gardens and parks.

Every day several thousand spectators gathered together to see the plays by such theatre gardens as «Hermitage», «Orpheum», «Cross Garden», «Luna Park», «Aquarium», «Arcadia» and «The Summer Buff».

In the Gatchina Palace park spectators are going to see performances by actors, dancers and jugglers; stuntmen and horsemen are going to show magnificent battle scenes. Even Gatchina rabbits, hens and goats are going to participate in the performance. The festival will be finished with a spectacular operetta song gala show.

Exhibition “Undressed”

Erarta Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art

OPENED: from 29 April 2017 to 30 July 2017

Exhibition about the history of underwear from the Victoria and Albert Museum (London)

The great retrospective exhibition of underwear design from the 18th century to the present day, which was carefully prepared by the curators of V&A, will reside in Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art in St. Petersburg for a few months. T

hrough elegant corsets, crinolines, boxer shorts, bras, hosiery, lingerie and loungewear the exhibition will tell the detailed history of underwear, exploring the "intimate" relationship between underwear and fashion, the role of underwear in formation of male and female images.

Highlights will include floral embroidered stockings worn by Queen Alexandra; a sheer dress by Liza Bruce famously worn by Kate Moss; an exquisite negligée by Carine Gilson, like that worn by actress Bérénice Marlohe in the film Skyfall; and Antonio Beradi’s monochrome dress, worn by Gwyneth Paltrow, featuring a trompe l’oeil corset which reveals the underwear worn beneath.

The Night of Museums

20 MAY, Saturday, 18:00  

OPENED: from 20 May 2017 to 21 May 2017

The night of Museums is an annual campaign dedicated to International Day of Museums.

Small and big Petersburg museums traditionally open their doors for visitors at night and organise special programmes: an exhibition of one day, concerts, performances, specially designed excursions, and historic reconstructions.

Fountain Show in Peterhof “Journey to the Land of Don Quixote”


20 MAY, Saturday, 14:00

On May 20th, 2017 the Annual Fountain Show at the Grand Cascade will mark again the beginning of the summer season 2017 at the Peterhof State Museum-Reserve.

The show will become a concluding chord for the bilateral year of tourism in Russia and Spain. The Show starts at 2 p.m. Immerse yourself into the authentic Spanish extravaganza with the dance, sing and music show at the Grand Cascade as part of the “Journey to the Land of Don Quixote” As part of the theatrical performance entitled "Journey to the Land of Don Quixote" you’ll see the brightest pages of the Spanish history, like dancing to the flamenco rhythm, brave toreros, animated heroes from the paintings by El Greco and Velasquez, surreal world of Salvador Dali, and Don Quixote fighting again with windmills.

The lively opening ceremony of the Peterhof summer season will be completed by the fireworks illuminating the sky with the colors of the Spanish flag. Spring Fountain Show 2017 is conducted with the support from the Ministry for Culture of Russia.

Duration time — 1 hour.

Admission to the show will be available by the tickets to the Lower Park. Pre-book the tickets online and avoid the queues.

Now you can buy a theatre ticket even at night

One of the oldest box offices in Petersburg has started working 24/7. Now you can look through the repertoire and buy tickets at any time.

Now you can buy a theatre ticket even at night Since May 1, the Box Office №1, which is situated on the Nevsky Prospect 42, is open even at nights. Guests and residents of Saint Petersburg can purchase theatre, musical performance and touristic excursion tickets there.

It was 2015 when we started selling tickets 24/7 for the first time.

According to the statistics, most tickets are purchased from 10 pm to 1 am and from 7 am to 9 am. The «box office management» says that guests and residents of Saint Petersburg can visit more than 4.500 events ever day.

In spite of the possibility to order tickets online, box offices are still popular.

A boat trip under the drawbridges

This year Dvorzovy Most (Palace Bridge) and Troitsky Most (Troitsky Bridge) will be raised a quarter of an hour earlier. This will allow the tourist boats to pass under the raised wings of the main bridges of Saint Petersburg.

According to the Deputy Director of "Mostotrest" company Andrey Kochin, a year ago travel boats could not carry out river walks, while the bridges were opened.

This year the city authorities decided to make an exception for tourists.

Excursion boats will have 15 minutes to let the tourists see this sights from an unusual angle. It will be possible to see how the wings of the Palace and Troitsky bridges are straightened out at 1:10 and 1:20 am.


Concert in the context “THE CITY DAY – DAY OF ST. PETERSBURG FOUNDATION” On May 27, St. Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, celebrates its birthday.

Festivities continue for several days and take place in the entire historical center of the city, inviting St. Petersburg citizens and guests to visit the music programs in concert halls, parks, and squares, as well as the best museum exhibitions and theater performances.

The highlights of celebration a gala concert “Classic at the Palace Square” with the participation of world opera stars.

Organizer: “Dance Open” International Ballet Festival

The Art of Novgorod the Great in the Time of Prelate Macarius

27 april—1 august 2017 in Benois Wing of Russian Museum

The XVI century in Novgorod’s art history is a time of true rise but it still never had been an object of a special exhibition project and shown as a whole artistic phenomenon.

The goal of the exhibition is to gather art pieces of the epoch of prelate Macarius, archbishop of Novgorod (1526-1542), metropolitan of Russia (1542-1563), a key spiritual figure of the time of Ivan IV (the Terrible). The most significant political, cultural and ecclesiastical events were connected with his name, and also a large number of real masterpieces of Old Russian art appeared at that time – hand-written books, unique icons, metal, sewed and woodcarving liturgical utensils.

The collection of the Russian Museum contains one of the most significant art objects of Novgorod dating back from the XVI century - the carved gilded Ambo from St. Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod created by an initiative of archbishop Macarius in 1533.

The exhibition will demonstrate this unique object after the completion of its restoration in Russian Museum as well as other masterpieces of the artistic heritage of this major art center of Old Russia, which largely determined the character of the Russian religious art. The exhibition will comprise unique art pieces from the collection of the Russian Museum and other museum collections as well as multimedia, photographic and video materials.

Petersburg in the top 25 best destinations of the world

 St. Petersburg is the only city in Russia that turned out to be in the rating of the best tourist destinations in the world. In the list, TripAdvisor users also included Rome, Paris and New York. The leader was the island of Bali.

The northern capital took the 14th position out of the 25 best places to rest in 2017. In the list of recommended for viewing attractions - the Savior on Spilled Blood Church, the Hermitage, St. Isaac's Cathedral and the Grand Palace in Peterhof.

The creators of TripAdvisor counted 2703 variants of pastime for the guests of the city on the Neva. Also they highlighted the architecture of St. Petersburg, in particular, the Winter Palace and the Kazan Cathedral, as well as the extensive collection of the Hermitage.

In their opinion, St. Petersburg is the "cultural heart" of Russia, and nightlife, cuisine and historical places are enough for a lot of visits. In a similar ranking of European cities, St. Petersburg is on the 8th place, and Moscow closes it.

The ratings of Travelers' Choice are compiled by TripAdvisor experts based on reviews of millions of travelers.

Vasily Vereshchagin. To the 175th Anniversary of the Artist

20 april—24 july 2017 in Benois Wings of Russian Museum

The exhibition is dedicated to the 175-th anniversary of Vasily Vereshchagin, world-known Russian artist famous mainly for his battle pieces. The exhibition will comprise over 220 works from the collection of the Russian museum, State Tretyakov gallery and other museums of Russia. Along with the acclaimed paintings of the Turkestan and Balkan series (1860-1880s) the exhibition will present the less known side of the artist’s oevre such as landscape sketches and ethnographic motifs (portraits and genre scenes).

The large number of graphic works by Vereshchagin will also be on display for the first time. The exhibition will include documentary materials from the Russian museum archive and items of the everyday life from the collection of the Russian Museum of Ethnography connected with the name of Vasily Vereshchagin.

St. Petersburg cyclists open the season!

Spring bicycle ride will block the central streets of the city. On Sunday the lovers of eco-friendly transport will open the season with a mass bicycle ride. It is expected that 5 thousand people will ride in a convoy.

Cyclists will start the ride from Roshchino (an urban-type settlement in Leningrad Oblast) at 10 a.m. The bike convoy will move along Primorskoe shosse through Setroretsk and will reach the Park of the 300 Anniversary of Saint Petersburg. It is expected that there will be held various celebrations in honor of the opening of the bike season. After that at 3 p.m. the sportsmen will ride to the Dvortsovaya Square and cover more than 13 km distance.

At that time, the traffic on ulitsa Savushkina, Primorskoe shosse, Kamennoostrovsky prospekt, Troitsky most and Millionnaya ulitsa will be blocked.

After the finish, the winners will be awarded at the Dvortsovaya Square.



Dynasty of artists who draw inspiration from nature: variety of subjects and techniques, total installation where the general statement does not negate a private one.

They live and work in the “Artist’s Village”, founded by Dmitry 30 years ago in Shuvalovo, a suburb of St. Petersburg. They live and work in the “Artist’s Village”, founded by Dmitry 30 years ago in Shuvalovo, a suburb of St. Petersburg. Most of the works selected for the show were born there, in the peaceful silence between a lake and a forest.

The main materials are wood, stone, bronze, cardboard, paper and wax. These works are no longer crafts from the series “nature and fantasy”. Perhaps these are images of the unconscious, metaphors of the unknown and threats of the future, a philosophical reflection on the transience of life and the eternity of nature.

The show by Dmitry and Daniil Kaminker at Erarta Museum is designed as an installation, where large objects are combined with “minimonumentalism”, and the general statement does not negate the self-sufficiency of each work.

Smelt festival in Saint Petersburg

 On May 13 and 14, citizen and guests of St. Petersburg will not only enjoy their favorite fish but also have fun participating in various contests and competitions. This year the Smelt festival will be celebrated at "Lenexpo".  

Visitors will be greeted by an exhibition of caricature paintings about fish. Guests can taste a "general ukha" сooked by original governor general's recipe. Prominent figures of culture and art will cook fish soup together. All those who wish can try themselves at fishing by hand at the pool full of living smelt. The lucky one, who will catch the fish, will get his catch.

In the "Sport - smelt" cluster there will be races on rubber boats, arm-wrestling, tug-of-war, weight-lifting and other activities. Fishmarket will arrange a sale of smelt at the low sale prices. Souvenir stores will please the tourists with special holiday offers.

This days on the shore of Gulf of Finland fishermen will reveal the most lucky fish catcher.

Russian Art of the First Half of the XIX Century

Permanent exhibition of Russian Museum

The display shows masterpieces representing the variety of trends in Russian art of the time (classicism, romantism, and beginning in the second third of the XIX century realism). The works by academic school masters are also widely represented: the canvases by Karl Brullov (the famous «The Last Days of Pompeii», religious compositions and portraits of the artist’s contemporaries), historical paintings by Grigory Ugryumov, Alexander Ivanov, Alexey Egorov, Fyodor Bruni. The display highlights are landscapes by Sylvestr Schedrin, painted while his stay in Italy, as well as the works by Alexander Ivanov (the studies and the big sketch to the well-known canvas «Christ’s Appearance to the People», storied in the Tretyakov Gallery).

The display also includes canvases by the most prominent romantism diadochos of Russian portraiture Orest Kiprensky, an outstanding marine artist Ivan Aivazovsky, leading genre painters Pavel Fedotov, Alexey Venetsianov and his students (Grigory Soroka, Alexey Tyranov etc). Moreover, the department shows the statues by significant sculptors of the epoch (Ivan Martos, Stepan Pimenov, Nikolai Pimenov, Vasily Demut-Malinovsky, Boris Orlovsky etc). White Hall, an independent part of the first half of the XIX century display, is the only interior of Mikhaiovsky Palace which has preserved its original design and interior objects made according to the sketches by architect Rossi.

Saint Petersburg has been recognized by gourmets

Saint Petersburg has entered the TOP-3 of popular destinations of gastronomic tourism in Russia. This information is provided by "Tourstat" agency while noting also that the rating was compiled basing on the data from "delicious" tours and festivals of 2017.

Petersburg came in second place in popularity, came just second to Moscow, followed by Kolomna (Moscow Region). Russians mostly prefer short gastronomic tours for one or two days, in which you can spend your time "deliciosly" for just a few thousand roubles.

It is noteworthy that the 2nd Saint Petersburg Restaurant Festival, which is being held for the whole April, perfectly fits a trend. Restaurants of the Northern Capital offer their guests special set-menus for 990 and 1990 roubles, as well as breakfasts for 290 roubles per visitor.

Therefore, it is possible that Saint Petersburg will soon have a new brand, along with the smelt, drawbridges and the Hermitage. At the same time, Andrey Mushkarev, the Chairman of Saint Petersburg Committee on Tourism Development named the Restaurant Festival a very relevant event for the low season.

Russian Art of the Second Half of the XIX Century

Permanent exhibition of Russian Museum

Even when it first opened back in 1898, the Russian Museum owned many canvases painted by such masters of the second half of the nineteenth century as Ivan Aivazovsky, Konstantin Makovsky, Ilya Repin, Vasily Polenov and Vasily Surikov. Although the selection of works before the revolution was often hampered by the conservative tastes of museum officialdom, the collection nevertheless grew in breadth thanks to the efforts of Alexander Benois, Albert Benois, Igor Grabar and Pyotr Neradovsky.

Placing great stress on acquiring works by contemporary artists, the Russian Museum often purchased paintings directly from exhibitions. Works were acquired from the posthumous shows of the works of Isaac Levitan (1901) and Vasily Vereschagin (1905). Other sources were the Travelling Art Exhibitions (Stanislaw Zukowski, Nikolai Kasatkin, Isaac Levitan and Vladimir Makovsky), New Union of Artists (Boris Kustodiev and Nikolai Fokin) and artist's studios (Alexander Golovin and Mikhail Nesterov).

In 1918, the Russian Museum inherited the collection of Prince Vladimir Argutinsky-Dolgorukov, including studies by Mikhail Vrubel and paintings by Konstantin Somov. The Yevgeny Tereschenko collection contained many works by fin-de-siecle artists, among them Mikhail Vrubel's Bogatyr and Six-Winged Seraph. The Alexander Korovin collection included paintings by Valentin Serov, Philipp Malyavin, Mikhail Nesterov, Konstantin Korovin and members of the World of Art, Blue Rose and the Jack of Diamonds.

New telecom enclosures appeared on the Orange Line

As press service of the Saint Petersburg Metro reported, special network equipment was installed on the 4th line of the Petersburg subway.

Recently a telecom enclosure has appeared on the station “Ligovsky Prospekt”.

Interestingly, the devices for internet access are made in the same style: light gray internet cabinets are encircled by orange strip.

Besides, each cabinet is equipped with an information stand.

Recall that according to the government plan, before the end of this year all lines of the city subway will be connected to Wi-Fi.

The parade of legendary buses, trolleybuses and cars

On the 21st of May "Passazhiravtotrans" will organize major parade and exhibition of retro-transport in the open air for the third time.

Legendary buses, trolleybuses and cars will participate in the parade, dedicated to Saint-Petersburg's birthday Retro-parade has already become a heart-warming tradition and the most unusual present to Saint-Petersburg's birthday.

Rare buses, trolleybuses, lorries and cars will run on Nevskiy prospekt and then will be exhibited on Inzhenernaya street, where they will open their doors for everyone interested. Retro tramways will join them. Many unique transport exponents are one of a kind.

Technique from private collections and museums of Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Veliky Novgorod and also from Finland and Estonia will take part in the parade.

Besides the rarities, this year on the exhibition will be presented a driverless Russian bus "MatrЁshka". Citizens and guests of Saint-Petersburg will have an opportunity to appreciate a futuristic design of future transport.

An Ice Breaker Festival in St. Petersburg

An Ice Breaker Festival is to hold in St. Petersburg on 29 and 30th April.

A fest for citizens and tourists is initiated by the Committee for Tourism Development of Saint Petersburg and supported by the St. Petersburg Government, the Marine Board of the Government of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Maritime Council supported by the Government of St. Petersburg.

The festival is dedicated to the achievements and power of the icebreaking industry of our country, and the idea that St. Petersburg is the sea capital of Russia. Shipbuilding plants and design bureaus, sea and naval universities, Arctic and northern maritime regions, naval museums and libraries, tourism industry representatives, public youth, veteran and environmental organizations will take place in that festival.

The visitors could see a great variety of exhibitions and entertainment performances; a wide range of competitive, cultural and educational programs, film screenings, as well as shows and concerts.


On March 31, 2017 Fabergé Museum will open its exhibition “Salvador Dalí. Surrealist and classicist”.

This will be the first time Saint Petersburg has hosted such a large exhibition of Dalí’s art, which will include more than 150 of the artist’s paintings and graphic works, provided by the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation in Figueres (Catalonia, Spain) and other museum and private collections.

The exhibition follows the artist’s creative journey, beginning with the surrealist works of the 1930s that made him famous and concluding with his turn to themes of classical European art in the 1980s. The exhibition particularly emphasizes Dalí’s conceptualizations of the legacy of Italian Renaissance geniuses Michelangelo and Cellini and of Dante’s Divine Comedy. 

Tickets to the exhibition for dates from April 1 through May 15, 2017 are currently on sale on the museum’s website. Tickets for May 16 through July 2, 2017 will be available for purchase online starting April 10.

Alexander Nevsky Lavra tells about the life of monks

New tours for tourists will be launched in the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. In summer, visitors will be able to see restored churches, climb the bell tower, and also look at the life of monks and eat in the refectory.New tours for tourists will be launched in the Alexander Nevsky Lavra.

In summer, visitors will be able to see restored churches, climb the bell tower, and also look at the life of monks and eat in the refectory. Alexander Nevsky Lavra tells about the life of monks.

For now pilgrims and tourists can only bow to the relics of St. Alexander Nevsky, but soon the route along the Lavra will be expanded. All those who wish can climb to the 30-meter bell tower of the monastery, see the treasury of the Lavra, in which the chamber of the remand prison of Soviet times will be reconstructed.

In Lavra they are sure that the most impressive for visitors will be the chance to see the restored churches: the small Nikolskaya, as well as the baptismal temple (crypt) of the Holy Trinity Cathedral. In addition to spiritual food, the Lavra will provide an opportunity to taste the food and enjoy the delicious bread baked according to the ancient monastic recipe.

Travel cards of the two Russian capitals soon will be combined

In the run up to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia everyone will be able to pay for a trip in the Moscow subway by "Podorozhnik" travel pass, and to ride in the Saint Petersburg subway using "Troika" travel pass.

Travel cards of the two Russian capitals soon will be combined According to the St. Petersburg Committee on Transport, this will be done for the convenience of fans. Besides, it will be possible to use "Podorozhnik" travel pass to pay for travel by train in Leningrad region this year in May.

As we have informed, the Confederations Cup matches will start on June 17, and the World football Championship will take place in Russia in June and July 2018.

Russian Art of the XVIII Century

Permanent exhibition of Russian Museum

The exposition of Russian art of XVIII century is chronologically organized and presents the main stages and trends of Russian art of this time. One part of the display is dedicated to the time of Peter I and focuses mainly on the names of Ivan Nikitin and Andrei Matveyev, the greatest portraitists and leaders of the secular Russian art of this time. Genre of portrait of the middle and second part of XVIII century is presented by such artists as Ivan Vishyakov, Alexey Antropov, Ivan Argunov, Fyodor Rokotov (Portrait of Grand Duke Paul Petrovich in childhood, Portrait of countess Yelizaveta Santi etc.), Dmitry Levitsky (the “Smolyanki” series of seven portraits of students of the Educational Society of the Noble Maidens attached to the Smolny Institute), Vladimir Borovikovsky (Portrait of Yekaterina Arsenieva, Portrait of Olga Filippova, Catherine II Promenading in the Tsarskoye Selo Park).

Of great interest are the works by Anton Losenko, who established the genre of historical painting in Russian art (Abraham’s sacrifice, Vladimir and Rogneda etc.) The exposition of XVIII century also includes works of art by the greatest sculptors of this period – Carlo Bartolomeo Rastrelli, Feodosy Schedrin, Ivan Prokofiev, Mikhail Kozlovsky, Fedot Shubin. Specific place is given to the examples of Russian decorative and applied art of this epoch – furniture, chandeliers with rock crystal, mosaics from Lomonosov’s workshop, tapestries of St Petersburg manufacture etc.

Pulkovo: Best Russia's airport

Accordig to theresults of voting, passengers recognized the airport of St. Petersburg the best one among the largest airports of Russia.

Rewarding of winners took place on February 8, 2017 in Moscow within the National exhibition of infrastructure of the civil aviation of NAIS.

Pulkovo is the fourth airport in Russia on passenger traffic amount. Since 2010 the "Northern Capital Gateway" (NCG) company is the main airline operator and carries out the project of its reconstruction and development in terms of public-private partnership without the employment of budgetary funds.



14.04.2017 — 12.06.2017

Images of abandoned monuments and decaying buildings, the romance of decline, transformation of fragments of industrial architecture into compositionally verified pictures.

When we were kids we used to love “discovering” cluttered yards, empty houses, abandoned factories and hotels. This feeling is not strange to the grown-up city dwellers, which romanticize the ruins and find attractive the atmosphere of decline. Along with the roofers, they have formed the international movement of “urban explorers”. The routes of these romanticists are often dangerous. But sensibility to time and history, and possibility to touch the past, tune them for a special perception of reality. The urban explorers are not interested in smooth and polished surfaces of modern buildings; they are thrilled about the cracked stucco, dusty windows, falling ceilings and crashing arches.

Brand of St. Petersburg in Paris

First "Visit Petersburg office" will be opened in Paris.

Committee for Tourism Development of St. Petersburg conducts large-scale activities with the aim of attracting tourists at the international tourism market. Every year the city takes an active part in the largest international tourist exhibitions worldwide. The grand opening of the first Visit Petersburg office in Europe will be held in Paris at the premises of the visa center. The aim of the representative office is to inform French travelers about tourism opportunities in the Northern Capital. Here travelers can get information about the most interesting routes and about oncoming tourist events in our city. What is more, the office will provide them with a detailed information about scheduled matches to be held in St. Petersburg within the framework of FIFA World Cup in 2018.

Inbound tourist flow is increasing steadily with each season. Thus, over the past year about 7 million people visited St. Petersburg, what significantly exceeds figures of the previous years. Traditionally, the Northern Capital is popular with tourists from France. The City Tourist Information Bureau has prepared brochures about the city in French especially for them, which greatly simplifies tourists’ stay in St. Petersburg. Petersburg enjoys high popularity due to the large number of "French" places. And one of the most popular spots is the Main Headquarters of the Hermitage Museum, which houses one of the richest collections of French Impressionism paintings in the world.

Folk Art of the XVII-XXI Centuries

Permanent exhibition of Russian Museum

Permanent exhibition of Russian Folk art of XVII-XXIth centuries includes some 1,500 exhibits. Arranged chronologically, they show history of development of peasant art and of local centres of artistic crafts, all their main kinds and genres.

Festival of Light will decorate the stadium "St. Petersburg Arena"

The third Festival of Light will be April 22 in St. Petersburg on Krestovsky Island . Organizers promise a unique beauty laser show. The canvas for the projection 3D-mapping will be the most grandiose sports facility of the city - the stadium "St. Petersburg Arena" and the pedestrian zone in front of its central entrance.

The place for the 3D-mapping will be the biggest sports object of the city - the stadium "St. Petersburg Arena" and the pedestrian zone in front of its central entrance.

The plot of the performance will tell about the history of Petersburg, about how football was born in the Northern capital. In addition to the presentation with a light show with three-dimensional laser projections, the organizers promise a pyrotechnic show with music. The Festival of Light will begin at 22:00 and will consist of four blocks.

The event will be held by the initiative of the Committee for the Tourism Development of St. Petersburg and the support of the Government of St. Petersburg. Last fall the Festival of Light was held in historic St. Petersburg. It collected a huge number of guests - more than 400 thousand people.

Summer palace will be reopen again

At the end of this year, the Summer Palace of Peter I in Summer Garden will be reopen to visitors.

Restoration of the Summer Palace of Peter I continues, it is expected that the work will be completed by 2020.

However, it became known that it will be possible to visit the museum in late 2017 - early 2018.

The building was built in St. Petersburg in the early eighteenth century, the author of the project - the famous architect Domenico Trezzini.

It is remarkable that Summer Palace gave its name to Garden, which at first was called "the king's garden."

Decorative and Applied Arts in Russia. ХХ century

Permanent exhibition in Benois Wings of Russian Museum

The permanent display «Decorative and Applied Arts in Russia. ХХ century» involves over four hundred items of porcelain, glass, majolica, as well as furniture pieces and textile from the Russian Museum collection. The pre-revolutionary period is shown with the works by Mikhail Vrubel, Valentin Serov, Victor Borisov-Musatov, Konstantin Somov, Alexander Golovin and the artists of Imperial Porcelain and Glass factories, «Abramtsevo group» of Savva Mamontov and «Talashkino workshop» of princess Tenisheva from near the town of Smolensk.

The department dedicated to the 1920-s shows us different examples of agitation porcelain by Sergey Chekhonin, Natalia Danko, Alexandra Schekhotikhina-Pototskaya, Nathan Altman etc.) The highlight of this collection is suprematic porcelain by Kazimir Malevich, Nikolai Suetin, Ilya Chashnik. The porcelain of 1940-1990-s is represented with the works by the artists of Leningrad Porcelain factory of Lomonosov (now «Imperial porcelain factory»): Anna Leporskaya, Eduard Krimmer , I.Akvilonova, V.Gorodetsky, T.Afanasyeva etc. Technological and stylistic improvement in glassware production, which occurred in the soviet period, is shown in the works by Vera Mukhina, Alexey Uspensky, Boris Smirnov, Adolf Ostroumov , Leida Jurgen etc. Decorative textile is represented with the samples of «agitation fabrics» decorated with soviet symbolis and drawings dedicated to the youngsters, sport, peasants’ labor mechanization (end of the 1920-s - beginning of 1930-s).

The works by soviet masters of textile-making of the 1960-s are represented with decorative fabrics by Moscow artists Sulamif Zaslavskaya («Horsies») and Т.Armand («ПRectangles»). The department display is crowned with the textile pannoes by T. Novikov. While the display was getting ready, a range of unique items was donated to the museum, for example, a decorative vessel «Rooster» by Alexander Golovin, a majolica plaque by Peter Vaulin’s factory in Kikerino etc. This is the first time the visitors can see these items.

Free Wi-Fi

Central, Vasileostrovsky and Petrogradsky districts opened a free Wi-Fi network for all the users.

The total network coverage is more than three square kilometers.

It is displayed on a mobile device as a "SPb Free Wi-Fi". When connecting the user automatically gets to the login page where they need to enter a phone number.

The devise will receive an SMS with the code that you need to specify the login page, and then open Internet access.



Works by the famous photographer who collaborated with SONY, Disney, MTV and other world-known companies: - Masterpieces that have been created for months - Many-sided images that combine reality and fiction - Mix of the best traditions of feature films and documentary photography.

Dean West’s complex and multilevel works have already won love of numerous prestigious competitions juries and millions of photography lovers all around the world. And now it’s time to capture the imagination of residents and guests of St. Petersburg. The exhibition will include several series, such as Church, In Pieces, Fabricate, Olympia and various advertising projects.

Starting from 17 February you will have the chance to experience the dream world of Dean West’s photography! The author will come to St. Petersburg to build up the exhibition and to open his first show in St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg for all who are in love

The Northern capital is very popular amoung tourists in the Valentine's Day.

St. Petersburg headed the list of most popular destinations for romantic travel in Valentine's Day.

The second place in the ranking is Moscow, the third - Kazan. Behind them there are: Sochi, Yalta, Yaroslavl, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg and Veliky Novgorod. The most popular foreign destination in the Valentine's Day is traditionally recognized as Paris.

The rankings are according to experts RoomGuru service hotel booking data to stay together from 13 to 15 February.

Petersburg is the best Baltic cruise city

Northern capital was rated as th best Baltic & Scandinavia Destination by Cruise Critic.

All rankings are based on member review ratings for ports from sailings taken August 1, 2015 to July 31, 2016.

Second one in the top-5 is holding by Estonia capital - Tallinn, third went to Stockholm. Also Oslo and kopenghagen are included in this list.

“Only one word to describe the palaces and churches we went - WOW!” - said one of review on the web-site.

Cruise Critic is the biggest site with cruise thematics. There are more them 100 000 cruise reviews written by editors and visitors.

Also it contains information about more then 500 cruise ships and about 300 of ports. Petersburg welcomes thousands of guest annually and thanks to 72 visa-free programm it became more attractive for tourists.

Ancient Art of XIV-XVII Centuries

Collection of Old Russian painting of the Russian Museum - one of the largest and most significant in our country. It includes about six thousand icons. The permanent exhibition housed in the first four halls of Mikhailovsky Palace, represents a part of this collection - the most valuable works of XII - XVII centuries started in the major art centers of Old Russia: Novgorod, Pskov, Vladimir, Suzdal, Moscow and Yaroslavl.

In the first hall of the department exhibited the most ancient icons. Pride of the meeting - the icon of the XII century «Archangel Gabriel» («Angel Golden Hair»), a unique monument of Kievan Rus. Built in the XIII century icon of «Our Lady of Tenderness» (Belozerskaya), belongs to the earliest surviving image of the Virgin. Here is the famous icon of «Boris and Gleb». Fulfilled Moscow master in the middle of the XIV century, it is a rare image of the first all-Russian saints come down to our time.

The second hall section is the product of two large centers of iconography - Novgorod and Pskov. Among them is a monument to the classic painting of the XIV century - the Novgorod icon of «St. George and the Dragon». In the third room of the exhibition - the icons of the Moscow school of painting XIV-XV centuries. The central place is occupied by four icons of the iconostasis of the Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir - «The Apostle Peter», «Paul», «Candlemas» and «Baptism of Christ», which were performed in the studio of the painter's largest late XIV - early XV century Andrei Rublev. Here - a group of icons of the Virgin Nativity Cathedral of the Ferapontov Monastery, written by famous masters of iconography Dionysos and his disciples. Rounding out the exhibition section works XVI-XVII centuries - painters working Yaroslavl, Tver and the Stroganov School. In the same room is a memorial painting of the second half of the XVII century - the icon «The Trinity». Its creator was a famous artist of the Moscow Armory Simon Ushakov.[gallery1683]/0/

Dentro de la fuente.

Probablemente se puede visitar algunos lugares solo en caricaturas o incluso en sueños.  

¿Alguna vez alguien de ustedes ha estado dentro de una fuente en su corazón?

Si no es así, debe empacar su equipaje, reservar un rétumo registrador de aproximadamente 300 a 500 rublos y con la cara para visitar un lugar fantástico llamado "la gran cascada".        

La gran cascada consiste en una gruta superior, dos escaleras de cascada y entre ellas la gruta inferior. Las grutas están llenas de tobas decoradas con fuentes, mármol y unas esculturas doradas. La fachada de la gran gruta está dividida por cinco arcos altos decorados con mascarones dorados. Encima de esta gruta, hay una terraza que conduce a una gruta pequeña. El borde entre las grutas se puede ver una balaustrada de mármol con unas figuras de dos Tritones dorados. La gruta inferior es un gran salón con un techo alto.    

Pero lo más interesante es la parte subterránea, esta zona es el corazón de la fuente. "Sansón, rasgando la boca del león".  

El tubo principal es rojo. Lo que es notable, en todos los complejos de fuentes, así como en todos los demás, el agua se mueve por la gravedad, no hay mecanismos de bombeo. El agua no regresa a la fuente, se va al Golfo de Finlandia. Es por eso que todas las fuentes de  Peterhof están  limpias, no tienen un olor ni olor.  

Los otros tres tubos y amenidades son varias figuras decorativas, que forman parte de una gran fuente. Por Cierto, la ONU dato interesante: en la Epoca de Pedro de el grande para Limpiar Tuberías atascadas, el los Niños Pequeños y Delgados Eran de gran utilidad f, en Caso de Que Fuera Necesario, se Metian Dentro de la tubería, Pero Ahora,  afortunadamente, la edición de han  aprendido A limpiar la tubería utiliza otros métodos. 










Conoce al mejor guía

Realmente me gusta San Petersburgo por su esencia y alta creatividad. Bueno, todo huele tan romántico. ¡Nos encontramos en nuestra ciudad como San Petersburgo! Las personas son las características principales de la ciudad.    

Hay una excelente excursión con una persona muy buena,  Vyacheslav Romanovich Rasner . Esto no es un  error en  su situación, no es un molesto. Residente Nativo Como el de San Petersburgo Trabaja Veinticuatro horas las Realizando  la suya  en San Petersburgo, Pero  creanme , olvidarán Nunca con this excursión  por Vyacheslav Romanovich .      

¿Qué AprenDes de "caminar con  Rasner ? Por SUPUESTO, mucha information. Escucharán La historia de San Petersburgo en todos los los períodos de la existencia f do, aprenderá Quien fue de El Emperador Y Cuando se   Cambió La Capital, escuchará citas de grandes personajes y, quizas ,  Vyacheslav Romanovich  les leerá una poesía.    

¿Dónde debes buscar un abuelo misterioso? En verano, junio, julio, agosto, la cita será posible todos los días en los siguientes horarios: todos los días excepto los domingos, a partir de las 9:00, 12:00, 15:00.  

Él camina muy despacio para que usted pueda alcanzar en la estación de metro " Admiralteyskaya ". El costo del tour (600 rublos) que incluye una experiencia inolvidable, un hermoso paisaje de San Petersburgo y mucha información útil.  

# TzarinaTours  

# FeelingLikeRoyality  

#De viaje  

# GroupTours  

# TravellingInGroups 

Entre el tiempo y la eternidad

Muchos poetas rusos han dedicado sus poemas a los puentes.  

El puente es un símbolo del camino, la transición de un mundo a otro, un símbolo de conexión entre las personas que a veces "queman puentes". Hay muchos puentes en Rusia. Cada puente tiene su propia historia, su nombre, cada uno de ellos es una verdadera obra de arte. El total de puentes en San Petersburgo no se puede contar: en el centro histórico hay 342, 218 de ellos son peatonales, y en los suburbios hay 800.    

Al crear el proyecto de San Petersburgo, los arquitectos se inspiraron en la arquitectura de Ámsterdam y Venecia. En quel tiempo, Pedro el Grande tenía la tarea de establecer un puerto marítimo con una poderosa flota en Rusia, por lo que decidió construir una ciudad con canales en lugar de calles. Debido a la intrincada red de canales, la ciudad todavía conserva el nombre de "Venecia del Norte". Además de las obras del Hermitage, la imagen más popular de San Petersburgo es el cableado, especialmente en las noches blancas.    

La mayoría de los puentes se revelan durante las excursiones nocturnas por el río Neva. Cada año en estas excursiones hay alrededor de 400 mil personas, lo que no es de sorprender. Para tomar al tour, solo tiene que venir a la costa y comprar un boleto barato para navegar en un bote pequeño. Algunos recorridos incluyen diferentes rutas y diferentes puentes. 

No se puede decir qué ruta es mejor, usted puede eligir cualquiera, no puedes equivocarte.   

Aquí está una lista de los 3 puentes más famosos, asegúrese de visitarlos  porque "si no has estado en los puentes, entonces no has estado en San Petersburgo"  

• El puente del palacio es uno de los principales símbolos de San Petersburgo. Este es uno de los 13 puentes levadizos. Conecta la parte central de la ciudad entre el Palacio de Invierno, el ministerio de marina y la isla Vasilievsky 

• El puente Anichkov es el segundo destino turístico más popular de San Petersburgo. El puente es famoso por cuatro esculturas de bronce de Klodt, que representan la domesticación del caballo. Los caballos que miran al almirante están calzados, pero los otros no.  

• Puente egipcio, es uno de los puentes de cadena de San Petersburgo. Conecta las orillas de Fontanka. Está custodiado por esfinges de hierro fundido con coronas de oro, y los portales y columnas están decorados con adornos de jeroglíficos.  










Viajar en grupo es barato y fascinante

Según los hechos históricos, la primera mención del tour en grupos fue en 1841. Esta gira no tenía nada en común con las giras modernas. Fue el viaje en tren con té, pastelillos y una orquesta . 

En la actualidad, los tours en grupo incluyen un paquete de excursiones que son desarrollados por un operador turístico: boletos para el vuelo, alojamiento y comida. Usted tiene la capacidad de elegir un programa apropiado para usted. El paquete de excursiones puede cambiarse, existe la opción de agregar o eliminar algunos lugares para visitar.  

Hay una regla, entre más miembros haya en el grupo, el precio es más barato en el tour.  

¡Por eso es existe un beneficio para usted pedirle a sus amigos y familiares que vengan! 

Con esto en mente, la idea del tour en grupo es hacer que su viaje sea placentero, un viaje increíble para personas con los mismos intereses, visitando lugares de interés populares, adquiriendo nuevas habilidades de comunicación, probando la deliciosa cocina... y eso no son todos los beneficios de elegir un tour en grupo  

En resumen, si quieres tener un viaje barato y fascinante, ¡El tour en grupo es para ti! 

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